MontiCargo Virtual Airlines has implemented the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) due to certification in the IVAO virtual network. All MontiCargo Virtual Airlines pilots, regardless of country or nationality, have the right to access and/or delete all data collected from them except for the history of suspensions and dismissals for admission issues. The data collected from MontiCargo Virtual Airlines members are: first names, surnames, date of birth, email, IVAO ID, IVAO Range, IP Adress, event dates, flight activity and all information obtained through interaction with the MontiCargo Virtual Airlines platform. In accordance with this regulation and protecting the privacy of Montivargo Virtual Airlines members regardless of flight network, country or nationality, the display of the names of the members has been restricted, consisting of this by the first name and first letter of the first surname, emails are not visible, and it is publicly the indications of each pilot for each virtual network.

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