1. You must be at least sixteen (16) years of age to register.

2. You MUST use your real name. No fake names or aliases are permitted.

3. You may only register on our website and Discord one time. Attempting to register more than once with multiple email addresses is prohibited.

4. You must own a licensed copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, FSX, FSX:SE, MFS2020, XPlane, or Prepar3D.

5. You must have an active email account that you can access on a regular basis.

6. You agree to be bound by all NOTAMS, memos and other company provided manuals.

7. Application requirements include Country of Residence and Date of Birth.

8. IVAO ID is not required to join but is recommended in order to participate in our group flights which are mainly held on IVAO.

9. You agree to complete your first flight within 30 days of registration acceptance to remain on our roster.

10. Transfer hours will not be accepted as our pilots are able to fly any aircraft they prefer at any time.


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