• You must be at least 16 years old
  • You agree to complete at least 1 flight per month
  • You own a legal copy of MS Flight simulator, Prepar3d, or X-Plane
  • There is to be NO foul, vulgar, sexist, racist, or other foul remarks made by any of our members to anybody else, whether part of this virtual airline or not
  • You must have a valid email address
  • You must comply with all VATSIM/IVAO/PilotEdge Regulations


  • At MontiCargoVA, we take your privacy seriously and personal information we collect will be used to improve your and other pilot's experience. To register for a MontiCargoVA account we require you to provide a name or alias, a country/territory and a valid, verifiable e-mail address. Pilots may voluntarily provide additional information, such as your IVAO VID.
  • Your name and territory will be displayed on your profile page, as well as on other pages on our website which display pilot information. As such, this data must be regarded as public. We do not require you to use your real name or territory. We use your e-mail address to contact you about activity on the website. These include e-mail address confirmation, password reset requests and if enabled, flight and message notifications. It can also be used to send important oneworld virtual updates to our pilots. Your e-mail address will never be displayed publicly, but it will be shared with our e-mail provider, Mailgun, for them to be able to send e-mails to you. It can also be seen by authorized staff members, who will only use it to provide critical updates to pilots. In the privacy settings of your profile, you can opt out of non-critical e-mails. Your IVAO VID will be shared with IVAO if provided. IVAO will use this information to check whether MontiCargoVA has reached the number of pilots required to be a registered Virtual Airline. IVAO's rules and regulations can be found on Your IP address will also be collected by our web server logs, to monitor access and track down errors to individual users.
  • Our website uses cookies. Through the use of cookies, we can provide our users with a customized experience that would not be possible without them. You may, at any time, prevent the setting of cookies through disabling cookies in your web browser. Furthermore, already set cookies can be deleted at any time via your web browser, which is possible in all major web browsers. Disabling or deleting cookies may prevent the website from fully functioning, particularly those functions that require the pilot to be logged in. Cookies are also used to collect general aggregated information from all our website visitors, which are stored and processed using Google Analytics. Google Analytics collects visitor information, such as from which website a visitor has come, which pages they visit and how long they are on a particular page. We use the IP anonymization function of Google Analytics to instruct Google to anonymize IP addresses collected. The operator of the Google Analytics component is Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043-1351, United States. More information about Google Analytics' privacy policy and terms can be found under on and under
  • Your information will never be sold to third parties. We will not disclose any of your information to any third party without your consent unless we are required by law to do so or to enforce a oneworld virtual policy.
  • You have the option to make your flight analyses public or private. Private will prevent access to flight reports for all users, except authorized staff members. Flight reports will always be accessible to authorized staff members for evaluation purposes.
  • At any time, you can update your personally identifiable information by visiting your settings page.
  • We are happy to give you a summary of all data we have collected from you as required by law. This request is free of charge and will be processed within 30 days of receival. You can also request a detailed breakdown of your data, please let us know which data you would like to receive. We might want to check your identity, to make sure you are who you say you are. To do so, we will need a scan of a valid government issued ID or passport. We will only use it to check your identity, after which the copy will be destroyed.
  • You can request to have your account terminated by messaging a staff member or by sending an e-mail to We will honour your request within 30 days. When your account is terminated, your account will be deleted, as well as any messages you sent or received. Any flight reports, forum topics and forum posts will show "(deleted)" or another indicator which does not include your information. Your flight reports will not be deleted, as these do not include personally identifiable information. Your forum topics and posts will also not be deleted, as the content does not include personally identifiable information. If it does include personally identifiable information or by specific request, they will be deleted.

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