The MontiCargo username and password that are provided to you are your exclusive to Monticargo membership identification.

Members must use their first and last name when registering, Minimum age 16 years old. Other situations shall be reviewed by our Staff. Also send a prove of 16 years old or older to validate register, that prove must be sent to e-mail on staff page.

All members must provide a valid email address. Accounts with invalid email addresses will be removed at the managements discretion.

If you forget your password, use the online form when the login fails to request it. The form will ask you to enter your email address and if the information you provide matches the information in the MontiCargo database.

You may only have one Monticargo registration

All members must also register in and download FSAirlines tracker  HERE , or in our Pilot Actions page.

The reports will be submitted by the pilots via the ACARS System provided by MontiCargo. Offline, on IVAO or on VATSIM flights are accepted.

For those pilots who use PFPX for flight planning we also have an account available for more realistic operations.

MontiCargo uses the IATA code 'MO' and ICAO code 'MOC".

Monticargo staff is always intitle to Immediate Account Termination of any user that does not comply with general rules of online simulation , online disrespect for any other user of online network and disrespect of the VA or VA members

Alvaro Quintas


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